upcoming shows

Springtime in the Studio!

We're busy right now, writing and recording some new material. But we'll have our late summer/early fall performance schedule up soon!


We know - you’re wondering why you have to go to another site just to buy or listen to our music. Why isn't our music widget available right here at like it is when you visit our site on your laptop?

Well, if you’re reading this, it means you’re using an iPhone or some other device that doesn't support Flash. Unfortunately, all of the decent widgets that let us starving musicians embed media players on our web and mobile sites use Flash. Yeah, they all promise HTML5 versions “soon,” but until then, we’re all stuck with this crummy workaround. Sorry!


the band

Broken Napoleons build on the tradition of bluesy, guitar-driven improvisational rock established by legendary acts such as Cream, the Allman Brothers, and Widespread Panic. Modern-day jamband fans will love Broken Napoleons' instrumental explorations that draw upon a multitude of genres and styles, yet still manage to remain rooted in the band's core guitar-rock aesthetic.

The songwriting and performances evoke an edge-of-consciousness vibe that conjures images of driving at twilight on lesser traveled roads through strange towns across the American South, where sordid tales lurk just beneath the surface and the situation can always turn on a dime.

Broken Napoleons are:
Joe - guitar, vocals
Quinn - drums, vocals
L. Rico - bass
Russ - organ, piano